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MSR glands

Sealing up to 8 cables between 4 and 32 mm
At sea

The MSR glands are designed to seal up to 8 cables between 4 and 32 mm (0.16” and 1.26”) diameter.
And pipes between 4-30 mm.

  • Pressure tested up to 5 bar
  • MED Modular B approved for use in cruise liners & passenger vessels
  • Each gland accommodates a range of cable diameters
  • No additional parts or on site machining required
  • Gland manufactured from stainless steel
  • Housing/body manufactured in primed mild steel
  • No welding required
MSR cable gland

Correct and safe installations

  • The seal is easy to install. Just remove the center core and minimize the number of rings to enable cables to pass through. When all cables are inserted into the gland simply tighten the four Hex Screws equally. Once complete the seal will provide an effective barrier against fire, water, dust, vermin etc.
  • No welding is required.
  • MSR Data Sheet


Designation No of cables Cable diameter min/max mm MSR required hole size diameter Weight incl. sleeve Kg
MSR 20 T1 1 4-12 Ø21 +1mm 0,29
MSR 40 T1 1 12-24 Ø41 +1mm 0,47
MSR 40 T2 2 6-12 Ø41 +1mm 0,49
MSR 40 T3 4 6-12 Ø41 +1mm 0,47
MSR 50 T1 5 6-10 Ø51 +1mm 0,79
MSR 50 T2 3 6-16 Ø51 +1mm 0,78
MSR 50 T3 1 20-32 Ø51 +1mm 0,75
MSR 63 T1 4 6-16 Ø64 +1mm 1,00
MSR 63 T2 8 6-10 Ø64 +1mm 1,00
MSR 63 T3 1 20-32 Ø64 +1mm 1,00


The nut on the standard housing is respectively
Material housing nut
MSR 20 M20 BSP style locknut Brass
MSR 40 M40 Nickel plated brass
MSR 50 M50 Nickel plated brass
MSR 63 M63 Nickel plated brass

Component parts: Seal, Housing, O-ring, Washer & Lock Nut.

Housing Electro-plated mild steel for shelf life anti rusting.
Housing Washer Zinc plated mild steel
Seal High grade silicone (red)
Seal hardware Stainless steel 316
O-ring EPDM

Dimensions in millimeter and inches. Weights in kilograms and Oz. Alternative cable configurations can be manufactured to suit specific customer requirements.


Maritime resistance to fire
A0, A60
Glands 5 Bar - SR,MSR,GLANDS - Catastrophic pressure load
Lloyd´s Register
A class fire, Gas tightness (catastrophic), Water tightness (catastrophic)
A class fire, Gas tightness (catastrophic), Water tightness (catastrophic)

For more information visit Certificates

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