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Tailor made multi cable and pipe high pressure seal
High Pressure Seals Submarines Oil rigs At sea

Tailor made multi cable and pipe high pressure seal.

  • Tailor made according to the customer.
  • Type Approved by DNV-GL and ABS.
  • Factory Inspection and Test Report Certificate (optional).
  • Material Test Certificate.
  • Can be tested up to 100 Bar.
  • A detailed instruction manual is supplied with the RGPH.


The RGPH system is available in six sizes designated based on the seal diameter (mm),
RGPH-50, 70, 100, 125, 150 and 200.

RGPH Material

Hardware: Mild steel, stainless steel 316L or hardware in alloy 625.
Insert Blocks: Nitrile

Testing and Inspection

Dimensional and visual inspected before delivery. Additional tests can be performed to clients specification. It can be equipped with a tightness test function, a semi permeable layer which allows on site tightness testing after installation.

  • Approved in Tanks for pressure up to 40 Bar.
  • Decks and bulkheads for pressure up to 66.7 Bar.


Can be designed to seal 1-36 cables between 4-110mm in diameter, depending on pressure.

The RGPH has a high grade tubular steel housing which is welded into your application and the cables are individually sealed by insert blocks. 

RGPH can be designed to let any amount of cables though. As it is built on a modular system the number of cables through the penetration can easily be increased or decreased. RGPH high pressure seal is available with flange for bolting or without flange for welding. The RGPH is frequently used in offshore installations and in different types of submarines.

Each RGPH is designed specially to the customers need.

RGPH is often combined with Longitudinal Sealing Cable Joints as protection against incoming overpressure media/water through the pressure hull, vessels or barriers via the cables which have been damaged or cut

RGPH Example
Continuous working pressure
Continuous working pressure

For more information visit Certificates

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