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Our products

MCT Brattberg cable and pipe transits are designed to provide maximum protection against fire, gas and water pressure.

Products by area

At sea

Hazardous maritime and offshore environments See systems for At sea

On land

High risk land-based applications and vital industries See systems for On land


Multi cable transits for Cabinets, Servers, Data Centers. See systems for Cabinets

On train

Tailor made transits for the rolling stock and railway infrastructure. See systems for On train

Products with built in protection for high-risk environments

EMC E-series

Protection against electromagnetic pulses, electronic sabotage and static electricity. See systems for EMC E-series

High pressure

Tailor made cable and pipe penetrations frequently used on Submarines and oil rigs. See systems for High pressure


High-risk environments, such as explosive hazardous areas See systems for IECEx / ATEX

Grounding & Bonding

Communication, instrument, power, braid or wire armored (AC and TECK 90) cables and copper pipes. See systems for Grounding & Bonding

Our products are highly certified

The complete MCT system

Multi cable and pipe transits

The system consists of a frame, rubber blocks and a compression unit See systems for Multi cable and pipe transits

Insert blocks

A wide variety of blocks together making the optimal mix, for both safety and flexibility See systems for Insert blocks


In addition to the frame and insert blocks, components needed within the transit See systems for Components

Tools and accessories

We also offer tools and accessories, for an easier and safer installation! See systems for Tools and accessories

Find the right solution for you

Did you know you can find the transit you need with our web based manager service RGPlan. Just input your requirements and RGPlan will automatically configure the seal, along with all necessary components, blank blocks, stayplates and compression systems.

Product catalog

ALF Cabinet Seal

Easy to install - no special tools needed

ALF comes as 2 types and be supplied in multiple variations to suit customer requirements.

See specs and variations  for ALF Cabinet Seal
RFCS cabinet seal

RFCS Cabinet Seal

Retrofit cabinet seal

Cabinet Seal is an openable/retrofit or closed cabinet seal alternative to heavy duty plug in connectors and cable glands plates in the cabinets.

See specs and variations  for RFCS Cabinet Seal


Longitudinal Sealing Cable Joint

Longitudinal Sealing Cable Joint is used to run an electrical cable through a tank/pipe between two pressure-tight sections.

See specs and variations  for LSJ

CCM - Casting Module

For preparing and casting around our round transit

Concrete Casting Module - Knock-Out Plate

See specs and variations  for CCM - Casting Module
SR cable gland

SR cable and pipe seals

Sealing cables or pipes between 4 and 100 mm

The seal can be supplied cut to allow pre terminated cable to be installed. It is supplied with a center core providing a seal prior to cable installation.

See specs and variations  for SR cable and pipe seals
MSR cable gland

MSR glands

Sealing up to 8 cables between 4 and 32 mm

The MSR glands are designed to seal up to 8 cables between 4 and 32 mm (0.16” and 1.26”) diameter.

See specs and variations  for MSR glands
DB cable gland

Deck and bulkhead glands

Penetrations specifically developed for the British Royal Navy

Now sold worldwide to various maritime applications.

See specs and variations  for Deck and bulkhead glands


Custom designed encapsulation

The encapsulation of inductive sensors and connectors are used to ensure a watertight seal.

See specs and variations  for Encapsulation