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Putting Safety First

If you would like comprehensive information about MCT Brattberg along with our products and their application and installation, you can browse through this section or download our complete catalogue.

Together we make life less unpredictable.

There are great forces out there, that have the power to change life as we know it. Some things you control, some things you don’t. But we are surrounded by smart and strong people who work tirelessly, making the world a better and safer place.
Together we make life less unpredictable.

MCT Brattberg - Putting safety first

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Cable and pipe transits must have features that make them safe in a variety of hazardous applications to protect people, environment – including intellectual property like computer data – and to help ensure the continued operations of a business or other organization.

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The design, materials, construction and finish of frames play decisive roles in determining the safety of frames in withstanding constant stress in maritime and land-based environments.

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Cable management

Before working with insert blocks, cable management has to be carried out. Basically, this means that all cables passing through frames must have enough movement to allow them to be positioned correctly to facilitate fitting the insert blocks.

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Insert blocks

For first-rate insert blocks, a lot of thought and good science goes into what may at first seem a simple transit component. But the performance of blocks is a key element in assuring the safety of cable transits.

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Professional installation

No matter how many safety features are built into the components of cable and pipe transits, they can only be realized through correct installation. This means that transits must be complemented with training to maximize the safety awareness in all stakeholders.

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Testing and inspection

Testing for certification purposes is carried out in independent laboratories throughout the world. The Fire Test Procedure (FTP Codes) Standards, however, apply equally to all laboratories, no matter their location.

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