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Energy Production and Consumption

Our Energy Production and Consumption

Our own renewable electricity production corresponds to 66% of our annual electricity needs.

Hydro Power

We have our own hydro power plant that we continuously upgrade and improve. Production per year amounts to 400 MWh.


Solar Power

We have heavily invested in our own solar energy facility during 2023, which is completed during Q1 2024. Production per year is 500 MWh.


Geothermal Energy

Since 2020, we have had our own geothermal heating facility with a total of 21 boreholes. It saves 100 cubic meters of oil per year. 100 cubic meters of oil corresponds to 1000 MWh of electricity as 1 cubic meter of oil is 10,000 kWh.


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Our sustainability and environmental responsibility

Our operations are based on several key principles that describe our sustainability and environmental strategy.

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From carbon accounting to certification

EcoVadis is to help guide all companies around the world towards sustainability, and raise awareness on the importance of sustainable measures in order to positively impact the globe in the midst of climate change.

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Certified Management System

We prioritize excellence in every aspect of our operations, including our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, occupational health and safety, and welding management.

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