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Inspectio - Inspection made easy

Inspectio lets you observe, inspect and perform maintenance using the same tool. By streamlining every and any task, there’s no longer need for anyone to use different tools.

Get full control of your equipment

  • One workflow

 Inspectio lets you observe, inspect and perform maintenance using the same tool

  • Automatic documentation

Tasklists are easily created, and everything is automatically logged and documented.

  • What to expect when you inspect

Inspections and maintenance in half the time, at half the cost, doubling productivity.

The one tool you want to use

We thought it would be a great idea to combine the know-how of MCT Brattberg that has been designing and making cable transits since the 1950’s with Inspectio, an innovative inspection software that is already making inspection easy for a variety of companies in the offshore industry!

Our mutual customers experience an increased demand from regulatory bodies and class to keep a good register of cable transits, and to document control and maintenance of the equipment. By applying the best practices from years of experience from MCT Brattberg in the Inspectio software, our clients can rest assured that they have complete control over the state of the equipment, including good documentation of maintenance and work performed on it.

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Contact us and we'll help you set up Inspectio - Inspection service!

ABS Service provider 

We offer assistance and specialized services with conformity to recognized industry standards and applicable ABS rules. 

  • Training installation- and inspection personnel.
  • Inspection, testing and supervision on site.
  • Give technical support on classification approvals and special installations.

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